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JANIIS is a Simple Software Platform, Built for Every Aspect of the Short Term Rental Industry.

Resorts.  Vacation Rentals.  Hotels.  No Limits. 

JANIIS contains each part of your daily operations under one roof, one login, one system. Effortlessly scale your short term rental business, save time and money, all without breaking a sweat! 

One Platform. For Everything.

With this tool, you can score your listings based on the quantity and quality of the provided information. From there, you can easily optimize bookings, no matter the channel, by implementing our tool’s simple suggestions.

Content Score Tool

Scale your business effortlessly! Fill out the content for your listing once, and then sit back and relax as it is distributed to all the channels below, plus 14+ more. All listings are updated dynamically, meaning any change you make is automatically reflected across the board.

Channel Management & Distribution

Global Library

Save incredible amounts of time by creating taxes, fees, seasons, and restrictions once- and then associating them to the applicable properties in bulk.

Jump on a call with one of the founders of our software, where they show how JANIIS will work specifically for you and your unique operations.

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Front Desk

Painlessly manage every aspect of a guest’s stay, including checking them in and out, modifying their arrival and departure dates, and viewing a detailed itemization of their charges. Personalize your JANIIS experience by choosing to view the Front Desk as either drag & drop, or as a consecutive list. 

Reservation System

 Book a guest’s stay quickly and confidently. Any change in occupancy no matter the source is dynamically updated, so you can relax knowing all availability displayed is completely accurate.

Create a flawless experience for your potential guests by using our intuitive templates to build a custom branded website. Our built in booking engine then makes it easy for the guest to book their own stay, while you enjoy the time saved knowing any update made to your listings is automatically reflected.

Websites & Booking Engine

Yay, money! Easily access every property’s transactions via individual ledgers, along with the complete breakdown of owner payments.

Property Accounting

Have a one on one demo with one of our founders, where they show how JANIIS will work specifically for you and your unique inventory.

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