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Content Management System


Better Listings, Better Results

Content Score Tool
  • A percentage indicating how likely your listing is to succeed on any given channel
  • Based off property information given and the preferences of the leading OTAs/Channels
Get Guidance
  • Score Tips give exact directions for whats missing or what could be improved
  • Property Specific
Global Policy Override
  • Quickly add a policy or check in procedure for all properties at once
Listing Content

Better Process, More $$$

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Increased Occupancy, Decreased Workload

Complete control of your properties’ rates, availability, reservations, and payments at your fingertips. Seamlessly create and modify reservations, holds, and owner bookings on your interactive dashboard and calendar displays.

Channel Manager

Increase exposure on the most popular listing sites. Automatically sync any information or availability changes across all channels.

Direct Bookings, Flawless Website, Marketing Tools
Branded Websites

Choose from *templates created in, and designed for 2020. Upload your logo, choose your brand color, and share your fast, beautiful, and always up-to-date website. 
*Custom web services available


Re-market to your happy travelers with a searchable, exportable list of all former and future guests. With historical records of previous stays, you can *share offers you know they can't ignore.
*Custom marketing consultation and services available

Fastest & Easiest Onboarding, Endless Support
Migration + Onboarding Proprietary Tools

Setting the new industry standard for implementation. Your onboarding coordinator will be with you every step of the way to get you fully-operating in JANIIS 20 days or less.

Receptive & Reactive Support Staff

Our support staff is made up of industry experts and user experience gurus. We don't just respond to your questions and feedback, we build new and improved tools from it.

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