Features Overview


Sit back, relax, and  watch how profitable your vacation rentals become   by using these essential features.

Complete control of your properties’ rates, availability, and bookings at your fingertips.​

Property Management System


Management System

  •  Centralized Calendar  
  •  Synchronized Rates & Availability 
  •  iCal Integrations 

Transform your vacation rental accounting overnight by using automated features that make you money, literally, while you sleep.

Property manager sleeping while a month end owner statement is automatically generated.


  •  Automatically Unroll Bookings Into Nightly Rate, Taxes, and Fees 
  •  Simple Trust Accounting 
  •  Overnight Owner Statements 

Orchestrate your reservations in real time with a system that gives you daily updates on which reservations need your attention, and which ones are ready for check-in. Everything from modifying bookings, to guest interactions, will flow in perfect harmony.

A property manager represented as a composer skillfully conducting a simple reservation calendar.

Reservations Dashboard

  •  Easily Modify Reservation Unit & Dates 
  •  Daily Reservation Updates 
  •  Manage Guest Profiles 

Unlock your direct booking potential with a website created with Google Analytics, Tag Manager, and relevant keywords in mind.

SEO represented as a key unlocking an increase in a property’s website traffic, search ranking, and revenue.

SEO Friendly Websites

  •  Commission Free Bookings 
  •  Boost Site Traffic 
  •  Use Your Own Domain 

Enhance your owner conversions, and then empower them by giving them the ability to view their properties’ occupancy & revenue at any time of the day or night.

JANIIS vacation rental owners' portal on mobile showing increasing YTD payouts and property occupancy

Owners Portal

  • Simple Reporting Dashboard
  • 24/7 Access to YTD Payouts, Month-End Statements, and Occupancy Rates 
  • Owner Specific Booking System

Leave your competition in the dust by distributing your high ranking listings to over 190 channels, including Airbnb, Booking.com, and more.

Property manager in a chariot drawn by horses with Airbnb, Booking.com, and HomeAway logos on them.

Channel Management

  •  Official Channel Connections 
  •  Two-Way Integrations 
  •  Decreased Double Bookings 

Increase your bookings and your bottom line by collecting payments online, along with the ability to easily add or manage charges.

Credit card being processed by First Data and money going into the piggy bank of a property management company.

Payment Processing

  •  PCI Compliant Processing  
  •  Automatic Tiered Pricing 
  •  Painless Charge Updates 

Stop wondering if a guest can check-in. Stop frantically texting your housekeepers. Instead, see all housekeeping progress in real time.              

A bucket of soapy water in front of the housekeeping dashboard showing the cleaning status per unit



  •  Daily Unit Status Updates 
  •  Simple Navigation for Cleaning Staff 
  •  Integration with Leading Industry Housekeeping Providers  (Coming Soon!) 

Easily maintain owner satisfaction, and your sanity, by knowing the financial status of any property at a glance.

Property manager and property owner both happy with one another and high fiving.

Owner Management

  •  Easy Permissioning System    
  •  Automatic Income Splitting 
  •  Property Specific Financial Breakdowns 

Uncap your income with automated dynamic pricing and have perfect rates every time.

Dynamic pricing graph with dollar signs in a speech bubble.

Revenue Management (Coming Soon!)

  • Automatic Rate Adjustment
  • Performance Tracking
  • Daily Pricing Recommendations

Unleash your potential income by applying simple suggestions to improve your properties’ rank in every channel search. ​

Your property shown as the number one result in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Search Ranking Improvement

  •  Boost Bookings 
  •  Easily Applied Listing Updates 
  •  Increase Revenue 

Increase direct bookings by making the reservation process for your guests effortless.

Guest ringing a bell to check into vacation rental

Booking System

  •  Guided Booking Process 
  •  Reduce Guest Churn Rate 
  •  Increase Guest Satisfaction 

Have clear insight into maintenance progress with the capability to monitor the status of work orders in real time.

A hammer, wrench, and screwdriver in front of a dashboard showing what maintenance tasks are complete or incomplete per unit

Maintenance Dashboard

  •  Daily Task Status Updates 
  •  Simple Navigation for Maintenance Staff 
  •  Integration with Leading Industry Maintenance Providers 
    (Coming Soon!) 

Convert your data into a competitive advantage by gaining an in-depth view into your operations.

Analytics equaling money with chalkboard saying JANIIS MATH 101 MORE DATA = MORE DOLLARS $$$

Reporting Insights

  •  Predefined Tax, Fee, & Booking Reports 
  •  Highly Filterable for Precise Insights 
  • Export to Quickbooks or .CSV

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