There's an Easier Way to Manage Your Vacation Rentals

Manage every aspect of your short term rental business, from marketing to accounting, with a system so easy you can learn it in an afternoon.

Built Natively

Our engineers, and no one else, built our platform. That means you can:

  • Do more work in less time

  • Stop double checking everything...that’s the software’s job

  • Save a lot of money

Built Securely

We built everything you see in our software ourselves. That means you get one invoice. No random bills from other systems...because there aren’t any. You can cut out manual process, multiple systems, and be able to grow from 2 to 20 to 200 units with no sacrifice in your guests’ experience.

Built for You

Whether you’re a marketer, an accountant, or anything in between, each of our products were made to solve your unique pain points. JANIIS is property management software designed with you in mind.