From dynamic pricing, to housekeeping, to keyless entry, our featured partners add your vacation rentals' success in JANIIS while continuing to make your day-to-day easier. 

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Pricing is Tough.

Trust the Experts.

Expert pricing for

property managers, built to maximize rental revenue and occupancy.

Task Automation for Cleaning, Inspection, and Maintenance

Automate the messiness of property care so you can focus on what really matters- wowing your guests and owners

From Empty Space to Beautiful Place, Fast & Easy

Endless furniture selection, simple design tools, exceptional white glove service. 

Helping Vacation Rental Operators Make More Money from Every Rental

Increase the profitability of every booking with a product suite designed to streamline the operation process. 

Perfect Vacation Rental Turnovers.

Every Time.

Discover the revolutionary new way to manage your
property care operations.

The Smarthome Ecosystem You Can Trust

Easily control an entire portfolio of smart homes with one system, on any device. Over 10 million renter check-ins, 2500 property managers, and over 8 years of experience.

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