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3 Easy Ways to Make More Money on Airbnb

Updated: Jul 12, 2019


When using Airbnb, there are many ways you can differentiate your listing from others. One of the more obvious tactics is using professional photography, but that can get pricey. You could also drop your prices to undercut competition, but that never feels good even if it does book. Luckily there are easy improvements that you can make that will increase your listing's ratings and visibility, not to mention your bottom line.

Pick The Low-Hanging Amenity Fruit

Airbnb has a very simple list of amenities. Most living spaces should contain upwards of 70% of these items. So why is it that many listings have amenities sections that look like this?


If you are renting out a space, picking up some hangers, an iron, a hair dryer, and so on will boost your ranking in Airbnb's searches significantly. On top of that it will make your listing more attractive to prospective guests. All told, you'll spend maybe $20 for a return much higher than that due to an increase in occupancy.

Speaking of the amenities list, we suggest going through it slowly. Chances are high the room above did have hangers. The selection of it may just have been missed in the set-up process. Make sure to select everything you have in your property. The more amenities, the better.

Fill Out Every Field Airbnb Asks For

According to Airbnb, only 30% of hosts fill all of the optional text fields on their listing. Prospective guests may not go through and read every piece of information you give, but differentiation is key. The more information you provide, the more your space will feel unique.

This also comes back to Airbnb's search ranking algorithm. Airbnb will rank a more completely filled out profile higher than those that are less filled out. That means when a prospective guest searches, your listing will be displayed to them sooner than others. Being thorough and thoughtful when describing your space, the neighborhood it is in, and anything else of note will end up increasing your booking rate. Spell checking is very important too; guaranteed many potential guests scrolled right past the listing below:


Send Guests A Nice Goodbye Message

The personal, human touch is what brings people to book on Airbnb. Re-marketing your listing is just as important as getting guests to book in the first place. One of the best ways to do that is by sending the guest a simple goodbye message after they leave. It doesn't have to be long or overly emotional; just a simple: "Thank you for staying with us, we hope you enjoyed your time in (listing's location)!" will suffice. It's small, but it will be a nice touch to end the guest's trip, and a little nudge for them to leave you a positive review.

Doing this on a regular basis is a signal to your guests that you appreciate their business. It leaves a lasting impression, and also increases the likelihood of them booking with you again in the future.

Though these points are simple, incorporating them into your business will go a long way in making Airbnb and your listing successful.

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