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3 Easy Ways to Make More Money on Airbnb

Updated: Jul 12, 2019


When using Airbnb to promote your vacation rentals, there are a few simple tricks that could help you differentiate your listings from those of your competitors. One of the most obvious tactics is using professional photography. However, professional, eye-catching photos can be quite expensive and, therefore, cost prohibitive for a small lodging business. Another thing you could do is drop your prices to undercut your competition. But that never feels good even though it may bring you more bookings and profit. Luckily, you don’t have to do any of these things. That’s because there are some easier ways to boost your Airbnb listings’ visibility and search ranking along with your bottom line.

Stick to the Basic Amenities

As an Airbnb host, you’re expected to provide some basic amenities, such as soap, clean sheets, towels, coat hangers, a hairdryer, an iron, and an ironing board. So why is it that many listings have amenities sections that look like this?


Whether you’re renting out one or more properties, think about what potential guests really need before selecting any amenities. Providing the amenities your guests need is the first thing that can make your listings attractive to prospective travelers. Even though Airbnb only requires some essential amenities, such as the ones mentioned above, most guests also expect free Wi-Fi, some basic toiletries, like shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, as well as cleaning supplies, kitchen towels, and cooking essentials if there is a kitchen. When selecting the amenities for your vacation rentals, it’s also essential to consider the type of guests who are more likely to book your property. That’s because business travelers typically need different amenities compared to leisure guests. 

While basic amenities are an absolute must for any lodging business, most guests also love little touches. For instance, a welcome basket, a vase of fresh flowers, cute artsy pieces, a few magazines or books, and some snacks, coffee, tea, and beverages for guests arriving very late or early are some excellent additions. Furthermore, current maps and guides to the area as well as an updated first-aid kit make for some thoughtful additions for a memorable Airbnb stay. To persuade people to push the “Book Now” button, be sure your Airbnb listings feature all the amenities your guests will enjoy if they choose your vacation rentals.

Fill Out Every Field Airbnb Asks For

When creating a listing on Airbnb, there are quite a few fields you need to fill out. However, providing complete information is one of the things that could make your listing pop. Even so, only 30% of hosts fill out all of the optional text fields on their listings, according to Airbnb. Prospective guests may not go through and read every piece of information you give, but differentiation is key. The more information you provide, the more your space will feel unique.

This also comes back to Airbnb's search ranking algorithm. Because the algorithm likes when you fill in all the information required, your listings will have a higher search ranking compared to the listings that don’t provide complete information. What does this mean? In short, when your listing meets the search criteria of a prospective guest, it will rank higher than other listings. The higher your listings rank, the more bookings you’ll get. Additionally, providing pictures of your property and being thorough and thoughtful when describing your space, the neighborhood it is in, and anything else of note will end up increasing your bookings even more. Spell check is very important too; guaranteed many potential guests scrolled right past the listing below:


Send Guests a Nice Goodbye Message

The personal, human touch is what brings people to book on Airbnb. Re-marketing your listing is just as important as getting guests to book in the first place. One of the best ways to do that is by sending the guest a simple goodbye message after they leave. It doesn't have to be long or overly emotional. A simple, "Thank you for staying with us! We hope you enjoyed your time in (listing's location)!" will suffice. It's small, but it will be a nice touch to end a guest's stay, and a little nudge for them to leave you a positive review. Doing this on a regular basis is a signal to your guests that you appreciate their business. Leaving a lasting impression, a nice goodbye message increases the likelihood of them booking with you directly in the future.

Though the aforementioned points are simple, incorporating them into your business strategy will go a long way in making your listings successful. Another thing you can do to maximize the revenue from your vacation rentals is to opt for a lodging management software solution that will allow you  to not only control all aspects of your business from one place, but also to attract more guests.

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