3 Basics to Make Your Listing Pop

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

Let's be real, the vacation rental industry is massive. There's everything from couches in Milwaukee to mansions in the how do you make your space unique? How do you get people browsing the site to see your listing and go "mhmm book now"? Well buckle up because we're going to tell you three basics, and luckily they're pretty easy.

1) Clean

This may seem like a no brainer, but the term "clean" doesn't apply to just making sure things aren't dirty. Yes, your space should be OCD spotless- it's a sad but true fact that strangers are far more adept at spotting dirt in a foreign space. In conjunction with that though, you want the area to also be a bit of a blank canvas. Whoever stays in the room or home, for whatever period of time, needs to feel comfortable in it. They need to feel like it's their own. Sure, a little pop of color or personality adds a "homey" element, but the guest should have absolutely no problem feeling at ease. When in doubt, err on the side of minimalist.

2) It's the Little Things

A few water bottles in the fridge. A coffee maker with good coffee. Nice smelling towels. A chocolate on the pillow. A candle in the room. Flowers in a vase. These are all examples of inexpensive, yet little things that make all the difference. They're elements that make the guest feel like their stay is important; that the host wants to make sure they feel comfortable. That's really one of the best aspects of a vacation rental: the interaction between guest & host is personal, yet unobtrusive. Your guest should truly feel that you care that they have a good stay. You, as the host, know your space the best. What little touches would make you feel like you were at home?

3) Be Responsive

Though the space is important, you as the host have the ability to make or break your guest's stay. If your guest reaches out to you for something, jump on it! If something is wrong, it'll be the highlight of their stay to have you make them feel like they're a priority. A hiccup in their experience may ruin it, but your desire to fix it as quickly as possible can turn the whole thing around. Even just responding quickly & amicably to simple questions ie: "where is the thermostat?" "do you have dinner recommendations?" will help the guest feel more relaxed...and ideally, at home.

What are some ways you keep your vacation rental in tip top shape? Let us know in the comments! Plus, if you liked this post, we've written this one and this one that you'll enjoy as well!