3 Hidden Gem Listing Sites That Will Make 2018 the Best

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

Finding steady and reliable distribution and listing partners is a must for anyone who wants to take their short term rental business to the next level. There are the no-brainer sites, like VRBO and Airbnb, that almost everyone uses. But there are also (seemingly) hundreds of other sites that you can use. Choosing where else to list your properties can be overwhelming, so we've done some leg work and chosen a few we think you should consider.


The saga of VaycayHero is something else. Formerly Zaranga, the amount of early buzz (and money) around this platform was jaw-dropping. And though the tech was good and they had a lot of resources, VaycayHero had hit a wall by the beginning of 2017 and went offline. But this isn't a list of sob stories, and VaycayHero is a phoenix rising. A few months after they went dark, they were acquired by Red Awning and back up and running. And today, VacayHero is nothing less than one of the very best listing sites out there. The booking experience is smooth, the site is clean, and the price is definitely right.... it's free. That's right, VaycayHero charges managers nothing. A few things worth mentioning: only professionally managed properties are allowed on the site. Every listing is also curated by VaycayHero, which means you can't just sign up on your own. Overall though, we are blown away by how great VaycayHero is.


Simplicity is this site's modus operandi. Though it only recently launched, CuddlyNest already boasts a healthy amount of listings because of its clean design, and fast listing process. Want them to build your listings for you? They will, if you send them links to some of your other listings. CuddlyNest is also owner friendly, with low fees (3% per booking) and even offering the guest the ability to contact you directly. Travelers will feel at home with their listing experience, as it takes a lot of cues from some of the bigger listing sites.


Probably the most well-known on the list, we still run into a surprising amount of managers that aren't using, or have never heard of, CanadaStays. Started in 2008, this VRBO of the North has become the booking destination for Canadians. It maintains a relatively low fee for owners, giving the option to pay a $499 CAD ($400 USD) annual fee, plus 3% per booking. Alternatively, you can pay a flat 8% per booking, which is still a bit lower than most sites. The site is modern and easy to navigate, and with a partnership with HomeAway, traffic and traction is likely to rise.

These are just a few great, under the radar sites. Though it might not be your style to put your listings on every site under the sun, strategically researching and utilizing multiple OTAs and aggregators will help you get more bookings. With new sites popping up all of the time, it never hurts to give a couple of them a shot!

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