3 Incredibly Valid Reasons Your Vacation Rental Should Be On Instagram

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

Peanut butter & Jelly. Milkshakes & French fries. Peas & Carrots. There are some dynamic duos out there- but did you know that your vacation rental & Instagram is one of them? Well, you do now!

In 2014 I jumped on the Instagram train, mostly because everyone I knew had one. At first I didn’t get it. Was this Facebook but just for pictures? Pretty much, actually. But it was also much more than that. While Facebook has become a bit of a conglomerate, Instagram is highly visual and helps cultivate an atmosphere. You can instantaneously convey the coziness, luxury, and cleanliness of a space purely by having a cohesive account. As a vacation rental, you have a beautiful opportunity to advertise your property using this base- Janus knows if the place I’m thinking of booking has an Instagram I am scrolling HARD on that feed. If you’re still on the fence for this picturesque media, here are three reasons why you need to stop being a fence sitter immediately:

1) All the Visual Vibes

Finding a vacation rental requires sifting. The biggest thing that makes a listing stand out? PICTURES. Wouldn’t it be convenient if there was a media platform that allowed you to post endless pictures of your property, the activities people engage in while there, and the local events to further entice bookings? Oh wait, there is. Anything from a local concert, to the addition of a new vase in one of the rooms, to the beautiful weather, can have a picture snapped and shared. Interspersing supplemental content, like a photo of food at a local restaurant or a happy dog being walked around the neighborhood, imparts positive emotion to those looking at the place. It provides a feeling of comfort; like getting to know someone. By having an Instagram, you can refine the idea that your space isn’t just a house, it’s a temporary home.

2) Come on in, the Water’s Great

Everybody is doing it. Spare me the “if your friends jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?” This ain’t no bridge to dark, shark infested waters. This is a bridge into a beautiful blue ocean with friendly dolphins. Trust me, you want to be in the water- especially because everyone else is already in it. The more exposure to your property, the better. With a few strategic hashtags, your post will pop up to those looking, and you can capture the attention of someone who would never previously have come across your listing. The more platforms your property is on, the better. More people looking = more people booking.

3) It’s Easy Peasy

For what little time it takes to take a picture, slap a filter on it, and click “Share”, the payoff is easily worth it. It’s a simple way to distinguish your property and entice reservations. If you’re still a little hesitant about the whole thing, here’s an article that goes into crazy detail on how to get set up. There’s also this article that gets super design-y if you really want to go crazy. If you’ve started an Instagram for your property but you’re feeling a little uninspired, here’s this account and this account and this account to scroll through to get those creative juices flowing.

Most social medias are also linked- so if you’re already on one it’s easy to share your Instagram picture to Facebook, Twitter, or most other platforms. Boom! Self advertising. You’re welcome.

Seriously, get off that fence. The grass is filtered and therefore much greener on the other side.

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